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Quarterly Basic Data

[numbers in thousands, PLN]  I Q 2018II Q 2018III Q 2018
IV Q 2018
Sales (Products, Goods, Materials)79 345

Operating profit and loss6 208

Gross profit (loss)5 213

Net profit (loss)2 969

Depreciation2 132


Total assets446 167

Total Equity215 686

Shares Number75 362,932

Earnings per share [pln]

Book value per share [pln]


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Annual Basic Data


[PLN]:  Sales (Products, Goods, Materials) 260 482 000
Operating profit and loss15 009 000
Gross profit (loss)16 511 000
Net profit (loss)7 987 000
Depreciation9 067 000
EBITDA24 076 000
Total assets454 713 000
Total Equity213 503 000
Shares Number75 362,932
Earnings per share0,08
Book value per share2,503


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  • In 2018, Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. will pay a dividend of 0,07 PLN per share
  • The company will alocate for a dividend a total amount of PLN 5.275.405,24
  • The date of acqusition of the right to dividend is 07.09.2018
  • The dividend payment date is set for 21.09.2018
The Ordinary General Meeting of the Company, which was held on 08/06/2018, voted for the resolution regarding the payment of the dividend, the date of acquisition of the right to dividend and the date of its payment and established the third dividend in the Company. Its value is increasing year by year.
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